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Performance and risk since start

Antaurus Europe Fund (NAV)

Performance AEF (%)
1 month +0,76
3 months +2,00
Year to date +0,76
2022 -1,19
2021 10,70
3 years (annualized) +9,34
5 years (annualized) +6,71
Since start (annualized) +7,16


Risk analysis 1 month 5 years Since start
Gross position (Long + Short in %) 142 134 131
Net long (Long - Short in %) 13 26 40
Beta adjusted net long (%) 12 24 36
Positive months (%) 60 62
Maximum drawdown (%) -8,8 -20,9
Best monthly return (%) 6,5 11,9
Worst monthly return (%) -6,0 -8,6
Volatility (%) 7,6 10,5
Sharpe ratio 0,88 0,69

Performance and risk since start

Top 3 positions Weight
Accelleron 11,9%
D'Ieteren 10,6%
KPN 7,8%
Utilities company 6,0%
Industrials company 5,6%
Consumer Discretionary company 5,4%

About Antaurus



NAV (€) 309.48
Fund size AuM (€m) 363
ISIN code NL 0000 686848
Maximum Gross 150%
Net long range -50% to +75%

Related parties

Depositary Caceis
Custodian UBS
Administrator Bolder Fund Services
Auditor Mazars

Fund characteristics

Style Long/Short Equities
Geography Europe
Inception October 2006
Base currency Euro
Additions Monthly
Redemptions Monthly

Free structure

Management Fee 1,8%, p.a.
Performance Fee 20%, quarterly
High Watermark Indefinite


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