Privacy terms

Antaurus makes use of cookies on this site. A cookie is a small piece of information stored in the form of a file on your computer or mobile device. This allows us to recognize your computer or mobile device on your next visit. When we talk about cookies we also mean techniques similar to cookies. For example, JavaScript, tags, web beacons, pixels and HTML5 Local Storage. On this page you can read which cookies we place. And what this means for your privacy.

We place cookies to make our site work properly and secure. And to analyze and improve our site, products and services. Cookies allow us to recognize you on your next visit. And allow us to build a customer view with your preferences. We use this customer view to offer you:

  • offer social media.
  • make a personalized offer. We then take into account what you viewed on our site. For example, when we send you information about products and services.
  • display offers on third-party websites that are of interest to you. We do this in conjunction with companies that specialize in advertising technologies.

We set different types of cookies

Functional or necessary cookies. We always place these cookies. For example, the cookies ensure that the website works properly technically and is secure.

Analytical cookies. We place these cookies only with your permission. We use them to collect statistics about the use of our website, for example. And to improve our site and make it more user-friendly. We also use these cookies to store data. For example:

  • The IP address.
  • Technical characteristics such as the browser you use.
  • What device you are using.
  • From which site you came to our site.
  • When and how long you visit or use our site.
  • Which pages you visit on our site.
  • What products you are requesting.


Advertising Cookies. We combine information from advertising cookies from our site and third-party sites. By tracking your online browsing and search behavior, we make the most relevant offers to you. We set these cookies with your consent. Do you not accept these cookies? Then you may receive advertisements of products you already have.

Phone numbers and email addresses are not stored in cookies. You consent to cookies by clicking agree.