Board of Commissioners

Antaurus Capital Management B.V. has, on its own initiative, established an internal supervisory body over the board. In this way, internal supervision is strengthened, resulting in a more balanced governance structure.

The SB has the usual supervisory and advisory role towards the company, but has no employer's role towards the Management Board of Antaurus Capital Management B.V. The SB also has no role with regard to the operational specific investment choices made by the company, nor with regard to the Antaurus Europe Fund itself.

The independent supervisory body will use its advice to challenge the policies laid out by the board and provide critical counterbalance. In this way, with additional knowledge and experience, we expect to achieve a better balance in balancing interests and decision-making within the board. A clear distinction is made between management and management support tasks on the one hand, and supervision of the board on the other. Alignment has been sought with the regulation for the Supervisory Board as referred to in Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code as recommended by the AFM as a best practice.

Based on the planning and control cycle, the Supervisory Board regularly considers topics such as the risks associated with the company, internal procedures around (financial) reporting and strategy. In this respect, the Supervisory Board is pleased to assist the Management Board of Antaurus Capital Management B.V. as a sounding board on the basis of its diverse expertise and background. The Supervisory Board periodically meets collectively four times a year.

The Supervisory Board consists of Wim Schreuder Goedheijt and Silvia Zonneveld. See under Team for a brief personal description.

Chairmanship in the SB is dual in nature. The chairmanship in meetings changes. The idea of equality between the two SB members and unanimity in decision-making is central. Transparency and openness is important. Everyone gets the same information at the same time.

Both SB members were tested by the supervisor for skills for the chairmanship.

Finance has always been my interest and especially risk analysis and consideration. In recent years, I have increasingly focused on supervisory functions.

I spent 27 years at ABN AMRO in various positions such as account management for corporate clients, director of loans Netherlands, head of staff functions of the value center business and finally as CFO for the focus areas of three members of the bank's Executive Board. In 2013 I chose to continue working as a management consultant from my own company. Currently, I am also a member of the SB of Meerlanden NV and chair the audit committee there. I also sit on the BoD of INTOS BV, an interior design company, and of NUDGE BV a company that supports sustainability thinking by providing training for young people and providing a platform and action perspective for NUDGE's more than 70,000 members interested in sustainability.

After 25 years of working in various senior management positions within Corporate and Private Banking at ABN AMRO, I have chosen a new path, holding various advisory and supervisory positions, both within the public and private sector. Given my last position as Managing Director at Wealth Management at ABN AMRO and my interest in Investments, a supervisory position in the financial sector and specifically in the investment world is a logical choice. I have also held supervisory roles at ABN AMRO Luxembourg, ABN AMRO Foundation for Art and Historical Properties and currently also at the Princess Beatrix Muscle Fund.

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