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A team with results you can build on.

A team with results you can build on.

Find out what the Antaurus Europe Fund specialists can do for you.

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An experienced team of investment specialists

The Antaurus team consists of specialists who each have more than 20 years of experience within the equity markets. Furthermore, the team consists of specialists who have gained working experience at ABN AMRO, HSBC, Kempen & Co, Rabobank, Credit Suisse and Van Lanschot, among others.

Both the partners and the employees of Antaurus invest in the fund themselves, making the interests parallel to all other participants.

The Antaurus Team

Thinking in opportunities, not in problems. That is the starting point of everything with me. Doing business, creating value, I would call it my hobbies. Standing up for what you say. My ambition, working in a team with driven people, is fulfilled here, with the note that you always have to keep working on that. Enjoying it? I enjoy my wife and four children. And the first rays of sunshine of the day, they give me an incredible amount of energy!

I started as a dealing room trainee at ABN Amro, and then worked in Amsterdam and London in institutional derivatives and equity trading with pension funds, insurers and hedge funds as clients. After that, I set up institutional equity trading for Petercam in the Netherlands and Belgium, before being instrumental in setting up the Antaurus Europe Fund in 2006.

As a portfolio manager, I deal with analyzing companies. I identify the risks and opportunities and then weigh whether they are incorporated into the stock price. It is very versatile. Every day I learn more about companies and their markets. One week I'm analyzing a supplier to the automotive industry that is dealing with the transition to electric driving. The next week, I analyze a company that has developed an innovative technology for radiating cancer tumors. As portfolio manager, I visit the companies and speak with the inspired managers of these companies.

I learned to analyze companies in the Research Department at investment bank HSBC. Then I was an analyst at Belgian stock broker Petercam. At Petercam, I met the co-founders of Antaurus.

Together with Arjan and Etienne, I take care of the investments within the Antaurus Europe Fund. Since my student days I have been following the financial markets with great interest. After internships at the dealing rooms of Rabobank (Utrecht) and the Japanese investment bank Nomura (London), I started working as an investment analyst at Rabobank. In September 2016, I made the switch to the team at Antaurus.

My profession allows me to engage with passionate business leaders. Through thorough research, it is then our job to select investments that have an attractive return-to-risk ratio. It gives me great pleasure when that ultimately helps our fellow participants achieve their financial goals. 

The dynamics of the stock market grabbed me at a relatively young age. The constant testing of assumptions made and the opportunity to beat other market participants inspire me to get the best out of myself daily through well-researched analysis.

After studying law and economics, I started working at brokerage house Kepler Cheuvreux in 2016. In that capacity, I gained experience in analyzing - and valuing - companies. I now apply that knowledge in the search for new investment ideas for the Antaurus Europe Fund.

I have always had a strong interest in numbers and their patterns. While studying econometrics, I discovered that there is a story behind the data and trends of financial markets. In addition, the dynamic nature of the stock market has always attracted me. Something is always happening in the market and you can choose to react to it or not. This makes the work continuously challenging, but also very interesting.

After doing internships at banks such as ING and UBS in Amsterdam and London, I knew for sure that I wanted to work at a hedge fund. Antaurus fitted well with my own investment philosophy. Here I can not only gain a lot of experience in analyzing and valuing stocks, but also come into contact with various sectors and companies.

People often describe me as a stock animal. For me, investing is a hobby that began cautiously at age 17 (shortly before the credit crisis). While studying Business Economics and Finance at Tilburg University, investing grew into something that has come to dominate a large part of my life. My Traineeship at NN Investment Partners enabled me to turn my hobby into my job.

Before starting as an analyst at Antaurus, I was employed by the Association of Stockholders (VEB). Here I was involved in representing the interests of private investors in Dutch stock market funds.

I can put the knowledge and experience gained from my previous positions to good use in order to achieve a nice result for the participants of the Antaurus Europe Fund together with the Portfolio Management Team. I am also involved in the external communication of Antaurus, I write columns for various media and can regularly be heard in various investment podcasts such as 'Beurstalk' and the 'IEX BeleggersPodcast'.

During my law studies at VU University, I was introduced to the financial markets by gaining work experience at an investment institution at Beursplein 5. After work hours, I like to swap my suit for a tracksuit. In fact, besides my profession, I also have a passion for sports, especially soccer and kickboxing.

In November 2018, I joined the team at Antaurus. Within Antaurus, I am responsible for the growth of the fund.

After completing my studies in Sports Marketing, I have been active in the investment world since 2015. First as an account manager at online broker BinckBank and then in a similar role in the private banking department of asset manager Van Lanschot Kempen. In these positions, I gained a lot of knowledge in the field of investing.

As of February 2021, I have joined Antaurus. I get a lot of energy from starting and maintaining long-term client relationships. The role at Antaurus gives me the opportunity to offer a unique product and support participants in achieving their financial goals.

I would be happy to be your sparring partner and give you the opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of my colleagues at Antaurus.

Since September 1, 2018, I have been strengthening the Antaurus Team after having gained extensive experience at ABN AMRO, Fortisbank and Van Lanschot Bankiers.

For Antaurus I am responsible for Participant Administration, organizing events and coordinating operational matters. By giving personal attention, delivering quality and thinking along with you in terms of solutions, I trust to strengthen our ties and contribute to mutual growth. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Previously, I was employed at Bolder Fund Services (administrator of Antaurus). Here I was responsible for fund and participant administration and gained a lot of work experience.

I have been working at Antaurus since June 2023 in an enthusiastic, driven and, above all, close-knit team. I enjoy having and maintaining good contact with both new and existing clients.

Besides work, I enjoy my family and I like to meet up with friends.

After 25 years of working in various senior management positions within Corporate and Private Banking at ABN AMRO, I have chosen a new path, holding various advisory and supervisory positions, both within the public and private sector. Given my last position as Managing Director at Wealth Management at ABN AMRO and my interest in Investments, a supervisory position in the financial sector and specifically in the investment world is a logical choice. I have also held supervisory roles at ABN AMRO Luxembourg, ABN AMRO Foundation for Art and Historical Properties and currently also at the Princess Beatrix Muscle Fund.

Finance has always been my interest and especially risk analysis and consideration. In recent years, I have increasingly focused on supervisory functions.

I spent 27 years at ABN AMRO in various positions such as account management for corporate clients, director of loans Netherlands, head of staff functions of the value center business and finally as CFO for the focus areas of three members of the bank's Executive Board. In 2013 I chose to continue working as a management consultant from my own company. Currently, I am also a member of the SB of Meerlanden NV and chair the audit committee there. I also sit on the BoD of INTOS BV, an interior design company, and of NUDGE BV a company that supports sustainability thinking by providing training for young people and providing a platform and action perspective for NUDGE's more than 70,000 members interested in sustainability.


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