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The information on this Website is provided for informational purposes only and is in no way intended as an offer, advice or recommendation regarding (financial) products or services. The products or services described "are not suitable for"/"cannot be offered to" any user of the Website. A user of the Website, who wishes to use the products or services described on the Website, is advised to carefully read all available information of these products and services, such as the prospectus and the Key Investor Information.

All information on this Website is based on accurate and reliable sources of information in the opinion of ACM, as manager of the Antaurus Europe Fund. However, despite the care it takes, ACM does not guarantee the up-to-dateness, accuracy, and completeness of the information and data provided on the Website. Information on this Website may no longer be current, complete, or accurate at the time it is read. ACM may at any time change the information and data on the Website without notice. ACM shall not be held liable for any inaccurate, incorrect and/or incomplete information on its Website. ACM is not liable for any consequences, such as damage or loss of profit, resulting directly or indirectly from the use (or inability to use), reliance on, or actions taken in response to information on this Website. A user who uses the information provided without verification or further advice does so at his or her own expense and risk. Dutch law is applicable with respect to the Website. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions described with respect to the Website, the use of the Website and the information on the Website on the one hand and terms and conditions directly related to the products and services described on the Website on the other hand, the terms and conditions directly related to the products or services apply.

The information provided through this Website is for personal use only. Users of the Website are not permitted to distribute, publish, transmit, reproduce, or make available in any way to third parties any information from the Website without the prior written consent of ACM.

ACM has a license to manage investment institutions as referred to in Article 2.65 of the Financial Supervision Act and as such is supervised by the Financial Markets Authority in Amsterdam.

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