Risk Profile

Please find below a summary of some of the risks associated with an investment in the Fund. For a comprehensive list, please consult our prospectus, which is available on this website and at the office of Antaurus Capital Management B.V.

Risks of a general economic and political nature

The Fund’s investments are subject to risks of a general economic nature, such as a decline in commercial activities, a rise in interest rates, inflation and a rise in the prices of raw materials. The value of the Fund’s investments can be influenced by political developments and terrorist activities.

Market risk

There are financial risks involved in investing in shares. Investors must realise that the share price of the securities in which the Fund takes positions can fluctuate. In the past, stock markets have generated favourable returns. But this offers no indication or guarantee for the future. Because of price fluctuations, the Fund’s net asset value can be subject to fluctuations as well - which can mean that unit holders will not receive their entire investment upon termination of their participation in the Fund.

Short positions

In theory, the possible loss on these positions is unlimited, while the possible profit cannot exceed the invested amount.

Risk on return

The target return is 7-10% per annum on average, net of all fees and expenses. However, there is no guarantee that the target return will be achieved. The Fund manager receives a management fee and a performance fee. This could create an incentive for the Fund manager to take more risk in the choice of equity than it would in other cases.

Track record risk

The Fund is aiming for an average annual return of 7-10% after deduction of all fees and expenses. However, there is no guarantee that the targeted return will be achieved.

Cash flow risk

The Fund has limited redemption opportunities: redemptions only take place on the final business day of the month. A 0.2% withdrawal fee will accrue to the Fund.

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