The Fund is a directional long/short equity fund with an absolute return approach. The Fund is not dependent on a rising stock market.

The aforementioned stock selection will be executed within the following restrictions:

  • A modest leverage (maximum 50% of AuM)
  • Over time, the long/short position will be on balance net long
  • A vision on stock market sentiment based on a model of leading indicators
  • Selection of stocks via bottom-up, fundamental analysis
  • Tactical trading, using temporary inefficiencies in asset pricing

The main features of the Antaurus Europe Fund are as follows:

  • Registered with Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM)
  • Long/short equities, all-cap approach
  • Target: 7-10% return per annum, net of all fund-related fees and expenses
  • Orientation: Europe, with emphasis on the Benelux region and Switzerland
  • Tax transparent mutual fund, Dutch Law
  • Significant capital investment in the fund by the 3 founders aligns interests with investors
  • Minimum investment amount: € 25,000

Read more: Risk ProfileDisclaimer

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